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Maternal Bond

Lactation Services

 Congratulations on your decision to breastfeed. Whether you are preparing for the birth of your baby or you have already brought your precious little one home, I can provide education and assistance for a successful breastfeeding relationship. The first several weeks can present many challenges that perhaps were unexpected.  Allow me to listen to your story and your struggles. I can help you and your new family to reach your breastfeeding goals. 

Services Provided

Initial Consultation  // Follow up Visit // Prenatal Visit

Amy visited me 2 weeks postpartum and immediately could see the issue... 1 week later and he had gained 8oz. Amy was so helpful and not only solved the issue but also made me feel more positive and confident breastfeeding.
-J.M, Walpole
After my baby being in the NICU and my only option being to express my breast milk, I was left wanting desperately to breastfeed. Amy helped me come up with a game plan that resolved my oversupply issue without leading to mastitis and made me comfortable that my baby was breastfeeding well and getting enough to eat. 7 Months in and I am still proudly breastfeeding. 
-V.L, Plainville

I would highly recommend Amy as a lactation specialist. Amy is compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced. She was the first person we called after the birth of both our children, and she set us up for nursing success with few tears and a gentle touch. 
-J.T, Attleboro
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